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Racing Game

Racing Game

"Racing Game" game was developed using the Unity engine to introduce players to coding concepts and develop basic algorithmic thinking skills. While playing the game, players are also coding and creating the game. They use a C#-based pseudocode for this purpose. They make the game playable by programming the game's missing features through basic logic loops and variables.
Each level begins with a brief introduction to the level's objectives, followed by a prompt for the player to type the missing code snippet. The existing code contains guiding comments to assist the player. If a player types the wrong code or cannot find the correct answer, they can view and copy the correct answer. After applying the correct code, players can see the newly coded feature added to the game and have the option to test it through gameplay. Once they are ready, they can move on to the next level to improve the game even further.
Our game has language support for 5 different languages ​​and the download files for the languages ​​are presented below.


Download List

# Game Explanation Download Link
1 Racing Game CZ
2 Racing Game EN
3 Racing Game ES
4 Racing Game LV
5 Racing Game TR
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