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Colors Game

Colors Game

Colors:The aim of the web application project "Colors" is not only to provide a fun and interactive version of the classic mobile game, but also to use this game as a tool for learning the basics of programming. This game, thematically related to "Man, Don't Be Angry", requires players to remember and pair different game blocks. Through this game, users learn key concepts of programming and algorithmic thinking, which is achieved through interactive learning modules integrated directly into the game.
The app is designed to provide users with hands-on programming experience in a fun and engaging environment. Each tutorial session is followed by a hands-on exam where users write custom code to solve specific tasks related to the game's memory game mechanisms. This approach allows users to immediately apply the knowledge they have gained in the context of the game, enhancing their ability to understand and implement basic programming techniques. The project thus combines fun with education, fosters the development of technical skills, and improves memory and concentration, which is beneficial for users' personal and professional growth.


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